Appia-Capacity supports public and private actors in anticipating and resolving social, environmental and political crisis and conflicts in France and internationally.


Conflict Analysis, Complex Contexts Analysis

Conflict Sensitive Project Design and Management (Do No Harm)

Conflict Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation (impacts on conflicts)



Mediation, facilitated negociation, dialogue facilitation

Peacebuilding Interventions (DM&E)

Coaching and Coaches Supervision



“Think about conflict alternatively, understand and prevent what stimulates violence, strengthen what builds cohesion, prepare dialogue and mutual understanding…

In every mission, my counterpart becomes a team member and we dive into each situation with four principles for action:

Contextualize – Each context has its own solutions, developed from the existing actors and systems. My approach supports the clarification of needs and emergence of capacities from actual endogenous resources.

Innovate – Durable solutions to complex problems come from breaking down the barriers between thinking and action models. My practice connects research and action, psychosocial and structural approaches, public and private spheres, grounded actors and high level decision makers.

Learn – Approaching conflict complexity means being humble before the constant learning path ahead. Together with my partners, we cross this path by dint of analysis, listening and flexibility.

Integrate – An action at the local or individual level impacts conflict if it receives an echo at the institutional level and vice-versa. Intervention fields locally (in France) and abroad (in developping countries) are not so different. Issues locally in France and abroad intersect and nourish each other. I conduct each intervention with 360° vision.

My work in consulting, action-research, project management or capacity-building is based on these 4 principles no matter whether I am working in the field, or as an advisor”

Aline Brachet